Kwibuka27 : Kiyovu Sports remember victims of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi


Kiyovu Sports family on April 12, 2021 joined the rest of Rwandans and friends of Rwanda to pay tribute to more than one million people massacred during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The remembrance ceremony was marked by the visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial and laying wreath on the graves of victims of the genocide at the memorial. It was attended by Kiyovu sports officials, fan representatives and players.
Speaking at the event, the president of Kiyovu Sports, Juvenal Mvukiyehe, said that the event was an occasion to honor all the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi.
Kiyovu Sports, just like other sports clubs in the country, lost a number of personalities including club members, players, coaches and supporters during the genocide.
“We organized this ceremony to remember our beloved ones who were massacred during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, and convey our message that we as sportspeople should use sports to promote unity and development instead of committing atrocities,” Mvukiyehe said.
Football has a great reach and it heals, reconciles and can fosters peace and unity among people.

Kiyovu Sports president also added that such an event helps the club foreign players to learn more about the history of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi so that they can tell the truth about it when they go back to their countries.
Samson Babuwa, a Nigerian striker who plays for Kiyovu Sports, appreciated the country’s leadership that fought hard to bring back to peace this very great country.